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Life & Health Live Webinar

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Life & Health Live Webinar
by Robert Beverly (admin) - Thursday, June 25, 2020, 1:01 PM

Every other Wednesday at 6:00pm, Karin Klaassen will present a live webinar and Q&A. All online students are welcome to attend. The webinar will start at 6:00pm and go until 8:00pm at the latest.

Here is a link to attend: . You can attend just by following the link on Wednesday. We hope you enjoy the webinar!

You will need the LH Exam Prep Book since Karin will reference this during the webinar. You can download it under the State Exam Prep Videos Section of your course. 

If you need help watching the live webinar, please email

Below are the scheduled dates and subjects for the live webinar

Apr 22 ... Health
May 13 ... Annuities and Statutes
May 27 ... Life
Jun 10 ... Health
Jun 24 ... Annuities and Statutes
Jul 8 ... Cancelled
Jul 22 ... Health
Aug 5 ... Annuities and Statutes
Aug 19 ... Life
Sep 9 ... Health
Sep 23 ... Annuities and Statutes
Oct 7 ... Life
Oct 21 ... Health
Nov 4 ... Annuities and Statutes
Nov 18 ... Life
Dec 2 ... Health
Dec 16 ... Annuities and Statutes

Thank you,
Chutimon, Course Admin

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Re: Life & Health Live Webinar
by Rab Beverly - Thursday, June 25, 2020, 6:51 PM

Below are the previous webinar sessions - I will update this list from time to time (remind me if you're looking for a recent one and I have not put it here yet). The video hosting site will ask you to put in a name and email address to get access. After that you might have to refresh the page to get the video to play. You can move back and forth through the video if you want to re-watch certain parts (use the controls at the bottom of each video).

06/24/2020 Annuities and Statutes - Karin Woofter

06/10/2020 Health - Karin Woofter

05/27/2020 Life - Karin Woofter

05/13/2020 Annuities and Statutes - Karin Woofter

04/22/2020 Health - Karin Woofter

04/08/2020 Life - Karin Woofter

03/18/2020 Annuities and Statutes - Karin Woofter

02/19/2020 Health - Karin Woofter